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Model 180 Dual Attack Generator by Buchla Red Panels

The item is discontinued.

Dual envelopes, each with controls for attack time, decay time, and note duration.

Note duration can be controlled externally - creating an ASR envelope, or internally, allowing one to set a sustain length independent of gate length. Allows for straight AD envelopes all the way through to creating strange clocks and rhythms. No retriggering during attack or “duration” phase allows for clock dividing.

Produces linear slopes as opposed to “normal” envelopes with logarithmic curves. Accurate recreations of the original 100 series modules. Entirely discrete transistor based analog circuitry, all opamps (when used) are for eurorack level matching only.


  • Size: 14HP
  • Depth: 45mm
  • Power: 30 mA +12V, 10 mA -12V

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