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Model 156 CV Processor by Buchla Red Panels

The item is discontinued.

Perhaps the worlds first “utility” module, the 156 was originally designed as a “front end” for the 158 Oscillator.

Dual channels provide comprehensive CV control and manipulation including mixing, attenuation, offset, and inversion. This version is completely authentic to the original module, including an all discrete transistor core, and an individual inverted input.

The 156 was initially intended for use with touch plates and unquantized sequencers. As such it is less than ideal for users looking to use it as “front end” to the 158 in a 1 V/Oct system.

The module has a maximum gain of 1, meaning that if offset or mixing is required, it is impossible to maintain a 1 V/oct relationship while these features are being used. Entirely discrete transistor based analog circuitry, all opamps (when used) are for eurorack level matching only and can be omitted (via jumpers) if desired.

For use with 1 V/oct systems - see the 156 M.


  • Size: 14HP
  • Depth: 45mm
  • Power: 35 mA +12V

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