CV Trinity by Bastl Instruments

The item is discontinued.

CV Trinity has 6 independent channels with CV outputs and each of them can be set to AUTOMATION, LFO or ADSR. Each channel also has an CV INPUT.

Automation is 32 step voltage memory with adjustable amount of linear interpolation.LFO has RATE that goes up to audiorate, XOR waveshaping and SHAPE selection with ramp, triangle, inverted ramp, flopping ramp, flopping triangle and stepped random voltage source with smoothing. The random signal can be looped. LFO can by synchronized to clock input.

CV input controls the RATE of the LFO.ADSR uses CV input as GATE input for triggering the envelope. It can be liner or exponential, it can be looped and it can either work in ADSR mode or AHR mode. DECAY is set to same value as RELEASE.


  • Size: 14HP
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Power: 5 mA +12V, 5 mA -12V

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