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Avalon White

by Abstrakt Instruments

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The avalon bassline is a high quality analog bassline synthesizer and sequencer. The core circuitry of the avalon is based on the revered Roland TB-303 bassline synthesizer, to which a new layer of analog and digital circuitry has been added to position the avalon as the premier bassline synthesizer.

Technical Specs
  • Power: inlet for external 6V DC power supply (center negative)
  • 1/4" sockets: main out, phones out
  • 3.5mm inputs: pitch CV, gate, cutoff CV, external audio input
  • 3.5mm output: pitch CV, gate, Accent sweep CV, VCA out, 2 waveform outputs (square & sawtooth)
  • digital communication: USB connector, MIDI In & Out, DIN-Sync IN & Out